Slawine Zlato

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Welcome to the web page representing dogs and activity of our family FCI kennel Slawine Zlato -   

breeding black zwergschnauzers and black russian terriers. 

We are always glad to meet new friends among enthusiasts of these breeds 

 and ready to share our experience with everyone interested! 

Some HOT NEWS to share:  

07. 07.   - Germany, KSA Schau Possen
Slowine Zlato Believe in You - Jugendklasse -  V1, BOS und BOB!!!!!
Now she is PSK Klubjugendsieger und ISPU Klubjugendsieger

I am trully thankful to You owners Oliver Dornemann and Nadine Queißer for such results!

16.06 - National Dog show in Kiev
our youngster - Heathkeeper's Oscar Award - Best Jun (he is on photo), only 9 months old
Ricci - Dog Otho's Moonraker - Class winner, CAC
YokaSun - Vic Star Enigma - CAC, BOS, BOB !
thanks for interesting judgement to Мария Гвоздева , and of course I am so thankful to breeders of my great show team - Inna Belskaya, Johanna Similä and Dog-Othos !

16. 06 - Germany,  KSA Schau Schweinfurt 

in Jugendklasse -   Slowine Zlato We believe in You

V1, BOS, BOB!!!!!!! and in last 4 at BIS !
I am truly thankful to her owners  for taking suprt care for You!

April 2013

We have newborn litter of Zwerschnauzers !!! 

One female is available 

More info on pup page

3-d April 

Sincere Congratulations with the 1-st year Birthday in life 

of our B-litter babies!!! 

10 February  -  2xCAC shows!!! - again at BIS finals!!! NEW Champions of Russia! 

first show 

Dog-Otho’s Moonraker -  CW, CAC, BOS

Gently Born Dancing Queen -  CW, CAC, BOB !!! 
second show:
Dog-Otho’s Moonraker - CW, CAC, BOS
Victorious Star Enigma - Cw, CAC, BOB, BIG and BIS-3 !!! 
Thanks to judges Egorova and Verbitzkiy. 

Also according to results of several shows all three youngsters finished tytle CHAMPION of RUSSIA 


january - International Champion 

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DESIREE Eldzh Hope -  our honourable Inter Champion !!!

10 Jan 2013 - First show of the year
Our handsome guy Ricci - Dog-Othos Moonraker -  Jun CAC, Best Junior !
Finished tytle  - Junior Champion of Russia !!!! 

Sincere congrats to his breeder Ivana GT, Dog-Othos kennel !!!

22.12 - 23.12 Two Russian National Dog shows 
Victorious Star Enigma - 2 times Best junior of the Breed,
 1 time BOB and also - BIG IV!!! 

She already finished Junior Russian Champion tytle!!! 
Dog-Otho's Moonraker - 2 times winner of junior class, 2 JunCAC
My sencire congrats to breeders of youngsters -
 Inna Belskaya, Victorious Star kennel and 
Dog-Othos kennel, Ivana Andrea Gonzalez Thomas.

7-8 December - Terrific results on Finnish Winner show 

Victorious Star  Enigma - Junior Finnisg Winner, Crafts Qualification !!! 
Gently Born Dancing Queen - Winner of  Intermedia class,  third on Best female of the breed/ 

Judge Harry Tast 

Congrats to breeders of my beauties - Inna Belskaya  (Victorious Star kennel) and Anna Vlasova (Gently Born kennel)  

 great NEWS from Germany!!! 
one of Desiree Eldzh Hope doughters - SLOWINE ZLATO BELEIVE IN YOU

best black pup of the breed  on the CACIb show! 

Judge Tatjana Ahrendts

Big Congrats and THANKS for great care to her owners Nadine Queißer and Oliver Dornemann

18 November - National dog show 

Gently Born Dancing Queen again Winner of BEST in Group, BOB and CAC

Congrats to her breeder Anna Vlasova,  Gently Born kennel 

20 October - Welcome Oscar 

A new great baby arrived safe and sount to our home.

We welcome great sunny guy from Finland  - Heathkeeper's Oscar Awards 

We are so much thankful for trusting him to us to his breeder Johanna Similla                       (kennel Heathkeeper's), and also truly thankful for friendship and support                          to the breeder of Oscar's mother - Asa Larson (kennel Perfect Touch) 

29 Sept 2012 - We have puppies 

First litter of Black Russian Terriers is born from our prima Kleopatra iz Chigasovo. More info on puppies page

R.I.P.  I am so sorry my dear Taffy 
Vic Star Harmony Arabesque  ( dougter of our Desiree Eldzh Hope and Vic Star Ideal) 
04/ 10/ 2010 - 03/ 08/ 2012 
 Official autopsy results showed that Taffy was killed with big dose of phenobarbital poison. 
In the neighbouhood about 10 dogs were also poisoned, so we became victims of some crazy doghunter.

 23-24 June - CACIB show In Netherlands (Uden) 
youngest Victorious Star  Enigma - Best pup of the breed & BIS PUP OF the show!!!! 
our junior Gently Born Dancing Queen - Winner of jun class, Best female of the breed, CAC (only 11 months old) !!! 

Big thank to judges - J. Williams and J. Schepers

Congrats to breeders of my beauties -

 Inna Belskaya  (Victorious Star kennel) and

 Anna Vlasova (Gently Born kennel)  

June 2012 - National Specialty of the Club 2012 

Male Dog-Othos Moonrakes - Best Puppy of black color, 2-nd in BIS Puppy of all colors

Female  Gently Born Dancing Queen - 2-nd Junior class 

judge from the USA