Slawine Zlato

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Life and shows with BRT started about 10 years ago. This breed needs lot's of admire, hard work and qualification in training and grooming, but these dogs have such special human personality that you can't imagine your home without wise guardian BRT.Right now we have several pet quality and veteran BRT at home like family members and several show and stud quality dogs which we would like to represent here. 

If you are interested to get any additional info, please,  welcome to address us directly - 

 we are always open for exchange of experience and new friendship.    

Outstanding "show addict" star - Kleo, Klepa 

Having experience with several BRT females, which had several championship and working certificates there was a dream about some perfect dog - show star and family guardian.  After several years of waiting dream became into reality. 

Kleo is true show addict star which adores everything in shows - grooming procedure on the table, running in the ring, victories and BIS competition. On the show Kleo does everything to win and her outstanding fast flying movement and sparkling temperament made her very successful and noticiable. 

Moreover Keo is also great quardian dog and perfect family dog who adores children and her family. Her temperament is the best one can ever imagine.  Lucky her children have the same sparkling temperament, which is truly great. 

We  have one simple wish so that life with BRT could bring us more outstanding dogs with such a personality!  

WE are very thankful to Irina and Yuriy Morozovy (Chigasovo kennel)  for terrific support in the start ofd BRT-hobby, and our females from this kennel. 

Kleopatra iz Chigasovo   

d.o.b. 17 feb 2007 

Sire: Zlato Boyar Gavrila Ladyn Syn ( Int Ch, Vise Euro Ch 08, Nat BRT Club Ch, Multi Ch)

Dam: Zaznobushka iz Chigasovo (Int Ch, Nat BRT Club Ch, Multi Ch, AKC Ch)   

Junior World Winner 2008 

International Champion

19 CACIB, more than 30 BOB 

Euro Club Show Winner - 2010 

Baltic Winner  & BOB - 2010, BIG-2

Polski Winner & BOB, BIG & BIS IV among 4500 dogs 

Eurasia Winner & BOB - 2011

InterClub Champion 

National  Club Champion of Russia

National  Club Champion Lithuania 

European Prize Winner - 2008 

Our Extreme experience - Mihan, Misha 

This huge boy came to our life being almost adult male - at the age of 2 ears old! Actually - we knew him as handling and grooming client dog, but he lived in another family. After Misha had not  very good conditions of life there we decided to buy him and make him fully our dog. 

Misha was in poor condition of health, training and socialisation, he was rather agressive towards people and some our BRT-females, he was afraid to be along and without food and we spent almost 1 year to teach him how to live in new  more happy life.  That was truly extreme experience to train an adult huge BRT male. But we made it! 

Now this dog is truly very thankful great friend. What is unbelievable - he adores puppies and permits our zwergschnauzers almost all the possible games with him. Misha became great kissing and loving dog! Moreover - he is very serious guardian working male. Such a fairytale with positive ending. 

Of course, we are totally thankful to Misha's breeder Diana Didkovskaya (Noch na Kupalu kennel) for all the help and support she made to us and Mihan! 


Tsar-Kolokol Noch na Kupalu  / Misha 

d.o.b. 17 Sept 2009 

Sire: Bewander Tys Anasazi Eastreanon (Int. Ch, Multi Ch, BIS 1) 

Dam: Ladna Pava Noch na Kupalu ( Mult Ch) 

Misha is for now Champion of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Lithuania, Estonia, 2 x CACIB